Are you a high school junior or senior who is ready to learn what college is all about? Or maybe you want to simultaneously supplement your high school 英语 course to obtain college credit for 英语 101? Do you want to get a student ID to take advantage of the perks of being a college student while still in high school? With the LSUS 双录取 program you can learn more about being a college student while finishing your high school degree! 

LSUS Has Two Options for You:

1. The Louisiana Early Start (ES)

双录取 (DE) is the enrollment of a high school student in a college course for which dual credit (both college & high school credit) is attempted and recorded on both the student’s secondary and postsecondary institution. LSUS partners with local high schools to offer college courses at the high school and taught by the postsecondary instructor.


Your high school counselor will let you know when the 双录取 Application is available.

  1. Apply for admission to LSUS using the online application: 应用.澳门威尼斯人官网.edu
  2. Complete the 双录取 packet via the Docusign link provided by your counselor.

2. The LSU Shreveport Academic Excellence Program (AEP) 

The LSU Shreveport Academic Excellence Program (AEP) provides high-achieving high school students the opportunity to earn college credit. If you have completed the ninth grade then you may be eligible to enroll in selected courses at LSU Shreveport!


  1. Complete the AEP Packet.
  2. Have test scores (ACT or SAT) sent to LSU Shreveport.
  3. Obtain a current copy of your high school transcript.
  4. Email application and documents to admissions@澳门威尼斯人官网.edu


There are regular deadlines every semester (Fall, 春天, and Summer) after which we will not accept applications for the next semester. Generally speaking, the deadline for Fall is the day after our Summer Session ends in early August. The deadline for 春天 is the day after our Fall commencement, and the deadline for Summer is the day after our 春天 commencement.

双录取 Coordinator